Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vai Gators!

Bill and Suzy's Excellent Adventures is intended to chronicle, well, our excellent adventures. Wherever they take place.  But since its inception, we have pretty much restricted ourselves to writing about our adventures in the place we love the most, the place we feel is our second home -- Italy.  It's not that we don't travel to other places and it's not as though we don't have excellent adventures in those locales.  It's just that the Italian experience is the one that so animates us, that so excites us that we feel a need to bang words into a keyboard so we can share those experiences with you.  The "Italian" experiences are the ones we feel are worth posting and (hopefully) worth reading.  So it was just a little bit strange when earlier this year, we wrote to you of our excellent adventures in Germany on the way to Italy. Wilhelm and Zuzanna's ausgezeichnete Abenteuer.