Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coffee in Venice

Before leaving Venice today for our drive to Ravenna, we indulged ourselves with a special treat. We made a  pilgrimage of sorts to the Caffe del Doge, the flagship coffee house of our favorite brand of coffee in its Venetian home, just off the Grand Canal near the Rialto bridge.
We were met by Jill, an American born representative of the company who treated us to the best cappucino and caffe latte we've had on this trip, enjoying her company and the ambiance of this unique coffee house. This artisinal coffee is rich without harshness, full bodied and eminently satisfying. That is why we are proud to feature it at Bella Italia. We serve it (for free) to our shoppers and sell a variety of roasts as well.

Next time you are in Venice, make sure to drop by the Caffe del Doge. But if you can't make it to Venice, drop by Bella Italia for a cup. It will transport you to Venice at your first sip.

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