Monday, February 21, 2011

Enoteca Dinner (live)

Having a small dinner/snack at the regional enoteca in the nearby town of Cormons. The wine, a Friulano (formerly called Tokai) from a very small producer (Vosca). What a treat. Great nose and complex taste.

Trying a second round - malvasia from Kurtin and Magnas, respectively. Have enjoyed homemade malvasia in Umbria. This is very different.

They're having a birthday celebration for our waitress. Also her 10th anniversary here. She's bringing us some special cheese (locally produced) and the remains of a bottle of special wine produced for the vintner's son's birth (he's here too).

Third (plus) round - ribolla gialla spumante from Cormons consortium and a rib giall from Sturm. This is a completely different white wine experience.

What a great night!

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